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Gabriel de Fombelle - Executive Summary

A Seasoned Technologist and Management Expert with 40+ Years of Experience

Driven by Innovation and Software Development

With over four decades of experience in technology and management, I possess a broad range of expertise across various domains. My career has been characterized by a passion for innovation and software development, resulting in notable achievements.

A Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and Social Media

As early as the late 1980s, I demonstrated my visionary thinking by developing Ops5, Lisp, Prolog, an expert system based on the artificial intelligence technologies of the era. My pioneering spirit was further exemplified in the early 2000s when I led software development in Silicon Valley for Easyplanet, one of the first startups to create a social network with advanced features such as video, phone, and instant messaging.

A Proven Track Record in Technology Leadership

My expertise extends to the realm of technology leadership, as exemplified by my tenure as CIO for Warner Music from 1992 to 1999. During this period, I spearheaded the company's IT roadmap and oversaw a comprehensive overhaul of its IT systems, leveraging microservices architectures to enhance agility and scalability. This transformative initiative laid the foundation for Warner Music's continued success in the digital age.

An Expert in Software Architecture and Data Science

Upon returning to France in the mid-2000s, I founded several technology companies, notably in the car-sharing sector, co-founding Cityscoot. Since 2016, I have applied my expertise to data science and signal processing projects, also consulting in software architecture and development. My contribution to the redesign of the world's leading Bible website, frequented by 12 million visitors monthly, is a testament to my impact in the digital realm.


A Strong Academic Background and Mastery of Multiple Programming Languages

Holding a Master's degree in Computer Science, a Diploma in Mathematics for Engineers, a DEA in Information Systems Management, and a Master's degree in Data Science from the University of Washington, I have acquired a solid academic foundation that complements my practical skills. My proficiency in a multitude of programming languages, including Verilog, assembler, APL, Pascal, Fortran, C, C++, Lisp, Prolog, C#, Java, Forth, Delphi, JavaScript, Python and more,  demonstrates my versatility and ability to adapt to different technologies.


An Experienced Leader and Exceptional Communicator

With over forty years of experience, I have developed remarkable skills in team management and complex project management. My ability to mobilize and unite stakeholders around common goals has enabled me to deliver ambitious projects and achieve tangible results. My fluency in English, in addition to French, allows me to communicate effectively with international audiences.


In summary, my professional journey reflects a career rich in accomplishments and continuous learning. My passion for technology, my innovative spirit, and my technical and managerial skills make me a valuable asset to any organization seeking proven expertise. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help you achieve your goals."

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